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CapStar's 2021 Highlights of the Year!

Updated: Jul 11

The year of 2021 has moved past us like a high-speed train. We've made it through another year of COVID-19! It has been a whirlwind of misfortunes, how this pandemic is still rampant and spilling over into the new year. But at the same time, we all adapt and build on positive growth with our community, friends, families, and businesses too. CapStar has learned to adapt and continued to keep busy this 2021 year.

Leasing and Sales, Investments, and Business Acquisition

Thanks to our astounding brokers and agents, CapStar's year-to-date total for commercial deals is over $1.5 mil for 2021! Including from a variety of spaces that CapStar has helped lease and with a specialty in restaurants, leasing and sales reaches an income over $800+.

Property Management

CapStar also helps support landlords and tenants by providing Property Management services.

In the year 2021, CapStar has been awarded the Property Management of new commercial and residential properties, increasing our managed sq ft by 100,000+. Overall, our property management division has grown to over $0.5M in income. See our commercial property highlights below:

It has been a great 2021 year, but we look forward to an even better one next year.

CapStar would like to wish you all a wonderful holidays and a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2022!

*Updated 7/11/2022

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